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Diapo Adult Diapers (Extra Large)

  • Double Cotton Core
  • Aborbency for 12 Hours
  • ADL Technology
  • Leakproof Side Shields

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Paramount Surgimed Ltd is proud to launch its premium range of Adult Diapers (DIAPO) that are user friendly, affordable and highly beneficial to both male and female persons with bladder problems commonly known as Urinary incontinence. The usage of Adult Diapers is very vast and not just restricted to senior citizens. Women may need adult diapers during pregnancy sometimes, uterus removal or normal aging post 60. Men may need adult diapers again due to aging, prostrate removal etc. These Diapers are also beneficial for a person with Alzheimer or for a person on a wheelchair who may be unable to reach and use a toilet on time. The Paramount Unisex, Disposable Diapo Adult Diapers are user friendly and give the user long lasting comfort and maintain a high standard of hygiene at the same time makes the user feel secure and continue normal daily activities.  The Paramount Surged Ltd Adult Diapers are manufactured from the best quality fluff sourced from the world's leading U.S companies. The anti bacterial SAP is sourced from the world's leading SAP manufacturers. These Diapers are highly absorbent with small cotton core placed over the big cotton core for extra absorption. They come equipped with a wetness indicator that indicates optimum utilization and indication of correct time for change thus keeping a check on the hygiene and well being of the wearer. The Waist band at the back gives a perfect fit in all positions. Smart leak guards prevent leakage from sides and a back lamination sheet helps to prevent hypersensitive reaction and allergies.

MAIN Features :

1. ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) Technology -  ADL  is a technology which evenly distributes the fluid all over the diaper evenly in order to avoid clustering of fluid at one area and converts the liquid into gel. Thus with ADL technology, it gives the user  Extra Dry Feel and make the  Diaper good for 12 Hours.

2. Extra Absorbent Layer (DOUBLE COTTON CORE) -  Made of super absorbent polymer that absorbs wetness quickly and locks it away to keep user dry minimizing bed sores and rashes.

3. Dry Surface For Cleaner Skin - High class non woven material to help user feel dry and fresh.

4. Leak proof Side Shields : Inner leak guard prevent side leakage.

5. Comfortable Fit : Elastic leg gathers and adjustable front tape for a more comfortable fit.

Q Are these Re - usable by changing our pads ?

A No they are single use pads 

Q Is it a pant type ?

A No the pant type is a lot more expensive 

Q Can this useful after delivery for new mom ?

A Yes sure 

Adult Diaper
Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) Yes
Additional Feature Double Cotton Core
Leg Cuffs Yes
Padding Dual
Product Type Taped Diaper
Size Extra Large
Wetness Indicator Yes
Measurements 50"-67", 127 cm-170 cm
Absorbency 12 Hours
Brand Diapo
Manufacturer Paramount Surgimed Ltd
Ideal For Men, Women
Warranty Only for Manufacturing defects
Pack Size 1 Pack contains 10 Diapers
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