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Friends Adult Diapers - Easy - 10 Count

  • Upto 8 hours of protection
  • Superior absorbency turns fluid into gel
  • Users feel dry & comfortable
  • Wetness Indicator

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Friends Adult Diapers (Easy) is manufactured by Nobel Hygiene Private Limited, the biggest manufacturers of Adult Diapers in India and renowned for its quality product. Millions of senior citizens have embraced an active lifestyle with dignity after using Friends. It is the perfect solution to the problem of incontinence – the inability to exercise control over the bladder & the bowel. Ideal for patients suffering from Prostate disorder, Piles, Incontinence; Diabetics; Urology patients; Bedridden & Disabled patients. 

Main Features

1. Absorbency upto 8 hours.

2. Converts Fluids into gel, giving a dry and comfortable feeling to the user.

3. It possesses wetness indicator (the writings diaper) which helps out the guardian/ user to know about the wetness and right time to replace the diaper to avoid sores and rashes.

4. Tabs for comfortable fitment.

5. Two pairs of re-fast enable Tape that allows multiple time adjustments and refastening of frontal tapes. The frontal tape & landing guide is what allows for the tape’s repeated adjustments   

6. Multi strand Leg Elastic for snug fitting.

7. No leakage and sores

8. Light in Weight

9.  The standing leak guard is unique & offers maximum protection from leakage. It stops the faeces & urine from flowing in the direction of the elastic.

Now with the use of Adult Diapers an Elderly can step out of home any time with confidence.

Q Is it pull up type ?

A No. Its open (flat) diaper with waist straps. Just like the diapers for the babies. After putting it on you have to anchor the waist bands on the lower portion.

Q Are these re-usable by changing inner pads?

A No they are single time use pads

Q How many diapers are there in 1 pack ?

A 10 Adult diapers in 1 Pack

Q Can this useful after delivery for new mom ?

A Yes its recommended for new moms

Q How do we know what size to buy?

A If Hip size is in between 28-44 inches then medium or else Large

Q Can the Diaper Absorb 5-6 times of Urine ?

A It cannot be quantified with no. of times. Friends easy diaper can absorb approximate 900ml - 1000 ml of fluids

Adult Diaper
Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) No
Additional Feature No
Leg Cuffs Yes
Padding Yes
Product Type Open Tape
Size Medium, Large, Extra Large
Wetness Indicator Yes
Absorbency 9 Hours
Brand Friends
Manufacturer Nobel Hygiene Private Limited
Ideal For Unisex
Warranty Only for Manufacturing defects
Pack Size 1 Pack contains 10 Diapers
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