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Tynor Elbow Crutch

  • Anti slip property
  • Soft gel Handle Top
  • High load bearing
  • Polymer handle
  • Many features to enhance functionality
  • Uniform Support Elbow

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Tynor Elbow Crutch is an aid to support walking. It is designed to provide weight bearing when both or one leg is physically injured or challenged because of a fracture, nervous disorder, disease etc. It has a trendy appearance and comfortable grip, which decrease fatigue. Height adjustable feature improves load-bearing capacity and provides uniform support to the elbow. The size can be easily customized which improves the difficulty of functioning.

Salient Features

• Polymer Handle.

o Robust and strong suitable for 140 kg body wt

o Anatomical and streamlined

o Aesthetically pleasing

• Adjustable Height of the Elbow piece.

o Improved load bearing.

o Uniform support to elbow.

o Improved confidence.

• Soft Gel Handle Top.

o Comfortable grip.

o Nice to touch.

o Improved load bearing.

o Decreased fatigue.

• Flipping Elbow grip.

o Holds to the elbow tightly.

o Decreased chances of accident.

o Hands remain free to work.

• PU/PVC Pod.

o Long life.

o Transparent.

o Better aesthetics.

o Anti slip properties.

• Excellent workmanship.

o Excellent functioning.

o Easy size customization.

o Improved aesthetics.

Q Is it available in different sizes?        

ANS No, The size of the product is universal.

Q Is the item Adjustable?        

ANS Yes        

Q What is the material of the Frame?        

ANS The frame is made of Aluminium.        

Q Does it come with a stick?

ANS Yes        

Q What is the material of the stick?

ANS The stick is made of metal with a plastic end.

Q Is the product four legged?


Q Is it possible to adjust the height of the product for a child?

ANS The height is adjustable but it will work for a child who is 12+ years in age.

Q What is the maximum height of the product?

ANS The product is completely adjustable and can also used for a person who is 7 feet above.

You can use it by adjusting the handle and height according to your required.
Walking Sticks
Adjustable Handle Yes
Adjustable Height Yes
Anti Slip Pods Yes
Brand Name Tynor
Foldable No
Gender Unisex
ISO, CE & WHO Certified Yes
Manufacturer Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd.
Material Aluminium
Model Tynor Elbow Crutch L13
Size Available Universal
Special Feature Soft gel Handle that provides uniform support to the elbow and flipping elbow grip that holds the elbow tightly.
Type: Elbow Crutch
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