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Pain Relief / Body Supports

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Tynor Abdominal Support - (9" width)
Tynor Abdominal support could be a compression belt used as a surgical aid, post physiological condi..
31.77% OFF)
Tynor Cervical Collar - Soft (Firm Density)
Cervical Collar Soft (Firm Density) is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck withi..
24.72% OFF)
Tynor Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable with Chin
Tynor Cervical Collar exhausting with Chin is a superb device to produce the high degree of immobili..
27.35% OFF)
Tynor Cervical Collar- (Hard Adjustable)
Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable is used for supporting, immobilization or adjusting the neck within ..
31.96% OFF)
Tynor Cervical Orthosis ( Philadelphia) Plastazote
Cervical orthosis Plastazote is an advanced collar with a scientific design to ensures the complete ..
25.74% OFF)
Tynor Cervical Pillow - Universal (Regular)
The cervical pillow is designed for keeping the neck in the slight position of hyperextension at nig..
23.83% OFF)
Tynor Chest Binder
Chest Binder is applied to the thoracic region to compress and bind the skeletal structure and suppl..
26.34% OFF)
Tynor Contoured LS Support
Tynor Contoured L.S. Support is scientifically designed to support and immobilize the lumbosacral re..
27.95% OFF)
Tynor Elastic Wrist Splint (Right)
Elastic Wrist Splint is designed to immobilize the hand and provide firm support to both hand and wr..
25.89% OFF)
Elastic Wrist Splint is designed to immobilize the hand and provide firm support to both hand and wr..
16.18% OFF)
Forearm Splint is a long brace that designed to provide a splinting support to the radius and to imm..
24.88% OFF)
Forearm Splint could be a long brace designed to produce splinting support to the radius and el..
29.32% OFF)
Tynor Hernia Belt
Hernia belt offers a mild and constant relief from reducible hernia by providing adjustable and comf..
32.06% OFF)
Tynor Ash Brace is meant to immobilize the back and maintain it in neutral or slightly extension pos..
29.34% OFF)
Knee Caps are tubular and used in orthopedic practice that provides mild compression warmth. It prov..
23.38% OFF)
Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) a versatile device that offers the advantage of compression all around t..
18.24% OFF)
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