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  • Vissco Invalid Under Arm Auxiliary Crutches ( Pair)
Vissco Invalid Under Arm Auxiliary Crutches ( Pair)

Vissco Invalid Under Arm Auxiliary Crutches ( Pair)

  • Orthopaedic Support
  • Rehabilitation Aids
  • No training required
  • Additional points of support
  • Available in Medium and Large size

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In several walking disorders or conditions of impaired balance, one usually wants a crutch. Its reasonably like having a shoulder to adjoin, all the time, that you just will trust blindly. This higher arm crutch needs minimum coaching and well less high extremity strength than different styles of crutches. It provides extra points of contact and a wider vary of stable gravity positioning.

Q Is the product durable?        

ANS         Yes        

Q In how many sizes is the product available?

ANS   It is available in two sizes that are Medium and Large.

Q Can it be used on marble surface?        

ANS  Yes, it can be used on the marble surface and it wont slip.        

Q Is the height of the product adjustable?        

ANS  Yes, you can adjust the height.        

Q Is the stick foldable or not?

ANS No, it isnt.

Q Does it provide anti-slip pods?        

ANS Yes        

Q What is the weight of the product?

ANS 2.5 Kg

Q What is the material of the product?

ANS The product is made of Aluminium and is light in use

Q Is it single or a pair?

ANS It is available in pair

Adjust the size according to your height .

Use it as shown in the picture

Walking Sticks
Adjustable Handle Yes
Adjustable Height Yes
Anti Slip Pods Yes
Brand Name Vissco
Foldable stick No
Gender Unisex
ISO, CE & WHO Certified Yes
Manufacturer Vissco Pvt. Limited
Material Aluminium
Maximum Load capacity  110KG
Model PC0905
Size Available Large and medium
Special Feature Under Arm Auxillary crutches provide support to both the arms and aid in walking.
Type: Vissco Invalid Under Arm Auxiliary Crutches ( Pair)
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